Database Re-engineering

A Seroquel lawsuit has been filed seeking class action certification for patients who have been prescribed Seroquel and have developed diabetes.


The Overview

The Client attorneys in that lawsuit argue that patients were not adequately warned about the risks of diabetes, while the manufacturer of Seroquel, AstraZeneca, knew of the risk. The drug regulatory agency in Japan had already required the manufacturer to place a Seroquel warning about diabetes on the product while AstraZeneca continued aggressive marketing and concealed the dangers of Seroquel side effects. The Client lawyers in the Seroquel class action lawsuit claim that the drug company also marketed the drug for the treatment of conditions not approved by the FDA.


The Discovery

The court had ordered the company to provide a copy of all of their transactional and clinical trial databases to the attorneys filing the law suit which includes data regarding the side effects, patients reaction towards the drug, all the documents related to Seroquel administration etc. The Client firms have to go through a minimum of 55 different drug databases to identify supporting materials for the trial and deposition.


The Deliverables

All the database dumps from Astrazeneca was restored to the local servers. Netrocon identified the relation between objects by reverse engineering the databases. Based on the client's request, reports were generated out of the 55 databases used as exhibits by the attorneys in the court. Netrocon also provided data analytical services to the client. Based on the background given, a DB model was generated and specialized reports were generated for the attorneys with all sort, filter and search capabilities which enabled the attorneys to obtain valuable information as deposition.

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