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Stafffing and Data

Recruitment is undergoing a lot of change thanks to data and analytics technologies. Automation is becoming a bigger factor in intelligent recruitment.

We use data from a combination of recruitment channels which give us a clear understanding of which channels deliver the greatest return on investment. This helps us reduce the cost per hire over time and as a result we help you reduce your overall recruitment costs.

Combining data and marketing we positively impact the recruitment process.

  • We use data and Employer branding to talk about Employer branding/ Employee Value Proposition, build ideal candidate personas, personalize content to potential hires, target new market places and even predict the roles for future hiring.
  • Understand how you’d like to be seen as an employer based on a realistic assessment of your distinctive strengths, and translate your Employee Value Proposition clearly through every stage of communication with the candidates.
  • Work with your project teams to draw insights and inspiration from their work and use the data to effectively tell stories about your brand.

The 5 undeniable benefits you get to enjoy working with us when we put data, recruitment and marketing to source the best candidates for you: We

  • Reduce the total recruitment time taken for Consulting roles from 40 hours to 18 hours & full-time roles from 48 hours to 24 hours (that’s the time a candidate is active in market today).
  • Reduce the hiring cost for Consulting roles from a markup of 35% to 23% & full time hires by 8% over one year of working with us.
  • Significantly Increase offer acceptance rates.
  • Get candidates to love your company using Employer branding themes and authentic storytelling.
  • Increase the likelihood of a cultural fit.