Why Do Non-Profits Need A Multi-talented Marketer?

The influx of information across the internet has changed the way we do business. For non-profits, it is important to hire someone capable of marrying digital marketing and development. Let’s take a closer look at how and why a multi-talented marketer like this is so crucial to a non-profit.


The Marketing Breakdown

Marketing is all about raising awareness for your cause and what your organization does for the cause. It’s important that your new hire is capable of creating ideas to reach the hearts of people. He or she must understand the concepts behind a great marketing strategy: when to raise awareness about your organization when to educate the public, when to ask for donations, and when to ask for continuing support.


The Development Breakdown

Development, or fundraising, is typically a short-term goal. The goal is to raise money and usually, fundraising events have a specific period of time. That’s fine. Fundraising occurs in the last step of the consumer decision-making process. More than that, it offers your potential donors to become a part of the process. It makes them feel good.


Donor Engagement

Intimate knowledge of both digital marketing and development makes for a killer pairing. Donor retention is the product of marketing and fundraising strategy. A donor engagement cycle has components of marketing (inspire, learn, engage) and fundraising tactics (ask, thank, repeat). Julia C. Campbell says, “Effective marketing gets people’s attention, and successful fundraising keeps it.”

Engaging with donors keeps them inspired and committed to your organization. When a new organization comes along to ask them for donations, they’ll choose you. Continued efforts to educate and retain donor relationships breeds respect, trust, and familiarity. The truth of the matter is that people support organizations they know and love.


Digital Marketing + Development = Digital Fundraising

The two are just meant to be together. Your digital fundraising team should know how to incorporate digital marketing and development concepts for a successful campaign. Before beginning fundraising initiatives, he or she should plan for outbound messaging to warm up the audience. They should be able to craft compelling emails that target the hearts and minds of potential donors. That’s where the storytelling component of digital marketing comes in. And thinking about what donors engaged and interested in continued giving is a fundraising component.


What A Digital Fundraising Role Entails

For those of you wondering what a typical job description for a Digital Fundraising Manager might look like, this is it:

  • Responsible for overseeing the online fundraising program, including all aspects of integrated digital campaigns to acquire new donors, inspire current donors, and grow lifetime donor value.
  • Has a focus on emerging fundraising technologies including online giving, email outreach, social media, and crowdfunding.
  • Build a strategy for all digital initiatives and executes day-to-day activities while working with other digital marketing initiatives
  • Monitors and reports on the success of digital fundraising initiatives in support of retention, reactivation, and acquisition goals
  • Align digital communications throughout the Partnerships department and act as a key liaison with digital vendors, as well as Marketing & Engagement, Digital, and Donor Operations teams.


So, when you are in need of a new team member for your non-profit, perhaps you should take a closer look at candidates who possess skills in both marketing and development. These multi-talented marketers are necessary for the success of your non-profit and the cause you support. Of course, finding the right candidate is not always easy. Need a better solution than job boards? Get in touch with us!


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