When To Call an Agency For Marketing Automation Support

This all sounds great. You’ve finalized your decision on the marketing automation system that will work best for you and you’ve got it implemented and working, but you know there is more work to be done. You are ready to get started on the path to ROI domination with your system, but you are going to need some help.

Here are a few scenarios where you will want to engage with a marketing agency:

1. You don’t have the expertise.
Maybe your new position in the company as the Marketing Automation System Administrator sounded like a good idea at the time. You need to be advising others in your company on best practices, but you don’t even know the right way to start building scoring models or leveraging split testing. You are asked to build dashboards and measure ROI from your marketing efforts. The requests for data come in faster than you can take a class to learn how to do it.

In this situation, an agency with marketing automation expertise can come in and not only help you establish foundational elements and configurations, but they can also teach you in real time, giving you individualized on-the-job training while getting the job done.


2. You don’t have the time.
You are wearing so many hats that you can’t remember which one you put on first this morning. You know exactly what to do in your marketing automation platform, and that’s why its so frustrating that you don’t have the time to dedicate to building automation programs the way you want to. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Consider a marketing automation agency an extension of your team, less the overhead and employment expense. Whether you engage short-term or long-term, you can hand the projects and tasks you want to over to the agency allowing you to focus on your top priorities. And, because you understand how marketing automation works, you can easily explain what you want to accomplish to your agency, and you are also able to set realistic expectations with the organization. Win-win.


3. You are changing systems.
You realize your current marketing automation system just isn’t right for your organization anymore, and you’ve selected a new system. Congratulations! But, there are dozens of templates, lists, prospects and programs that are running in the current system, and you don’t know how to move everything from one system to another without forcing any downtime for the business.

Moving from one marketing automation system to another is a significant project. In fact, most marketers have never done this before as marketing automation platforms just have not been around that long. Having an agency with experience in system migration will be a valuable resource to provide best practice guidance as well as tactical support. They are familiar with multiple automation systems (Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, and others) and can be a trusted partner during this process.


4. You aren’t seeing the results you want.
Maybe you’re doing everything right. You are designing, creating, nurturing, testing, and measuring everything. But, maybe you’re stuck and your improvements have leveled off, or your campaign metrics just aren’t where you want them to be.

You should consider getting an outside and impartial view of your campaign efforts. An experienced marketing automation agency can provide training for your team on email best practices, measurement, content strategies, and more. This might be just the spark to get your numbers moving again in a positive direction.


No matter what stage your company is in, and no matter which marketing automation platform you choose, all marketers must demonstrate ROI of their efforts. Marketers should measure everything, online and offline, but they don’t have to go it alone. Marketing automation agencies are a great option to expand your team for as long as you need help.

Most importantly, know your buyers and their journey. Ensure your marketing automation program measures up to their expectations, because, once that magic happens, the ROI potential is limitless.

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