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The Overview

OneView Connected intelligence in one view better together. Business Transactions View Reconciling Source to Target Transactions along the pipeline both by count and value.


The Discovery

Little Integration between Operational Systems, Poor User Experience and Usability. Operational Challenges like multiple teams performing redundant operational tasks to gather and analyze data. The client Wanted to collect the various application logs/ health check for that server in one place. Also they Needed UX Improvement like a simple, visually appealing, pleasant UX. And operation advancement to support critical programs/projects.


The Deliverables

A cohesive operational capability that brings multiple existing systems together to provide a better visibility, speed-up troubleshooting and quick insight into operational data for better management of existing and next generation of business solutions. Understood the existing applications, Defined product functionality, Created conceptual solution architectural model, Developed product prototype and Designed the various technology stack.

TradeSumo is a digital market place that allows users to conduct simple trade through an online bartering system

  • UI/UX
  • Web Development
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The website is customized through the integrated eCommerce platform WooCommerce.

  • UI/UX
  • Web Development
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