Catalyst PR

Public Relations

Catalyst Public Relations ( Catalyst PR ) One of the leading PR agencies in South India.


The Discovery

Catalyst PR faced challenges in making use of social media to its fullest to create more enquiries and lead generations online from their potential clients. They also faced difficulties in reaching out to corporates and big business ventures for establishing B2B connections. Creating a strong social media presence was another challenge before them.


The Deliverables

Helped in reinventing Catalyst PR's social media identity thus attracting right audience through online channels. 3 touch Email campaign was devised to connect to corporates and big businesses. The target clients were identified through a meticulous process and right contacts were extracted to whom personalized emails were sent. LinkedIn and Facebook along with Google sponsored promotions were used to get optimized conversions resulting in attaining qualified enquiries. We also used Google display network ads which catered in generating leads for catalyst PR.


Increased Lead Generation


Email Conversions


Website Traffic

By targeting right ads to appropriate audience through SEM expected lead generation was achieved, prospect conversation rate and other desired results were also attained by the right approach used by Netrocon.

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