Cosmetic Giant

Product Launch Workflow System

For more than a century, This global cosmetic giant has devoted itself solely to one business: beauty. It is a business rich in meaning, as it enables all individuals to express their personalities, gain self-confidence and open up to others. Beauty is a language.


The Overview

The global cosmetics giant Divisional Sales and Marketing personnel require quick response time from the higher-ups during new product launch for the proposals they submit. When Manager's mailboxes are flooded with messages, it is difficult to spot out the vital launch messages from the divisional marketing teams. Once the decisions are made, it is also vital to have a readymade 'new product template' and a supporting Data Manager for feeding into the SAP driven Production line (Material Master of the SAP System).


The Discovery

The Divisional Sales and Marketing personnel desperately felt the need for highly specific Software that could act like a 'Showcase', displaying the remarkable and promising potential of their new product proposals to their high-level managers and decision makers. The management's thoughts too reflected a similar 'Software-need' that could let them communicate securely and confidentially to their global marketing field staff. Every member of the Marketing Group had to be kept constantly and instantly updated on key marketing information and statistics. These were two different demands made by different corporate operational levels; but the challenge was that, they demanded a 'same single solution'.


The Deliverables

The Material Request Form (MRF) is a highly specific corporate communication solution and a high-end technology solution that enables sales and marketing proposals to quickly reach the decision makers. The dynamic property of the MRF application renders Client's divisional Sales and Marketing teams to put-in place a quick new product proposal, defined according to their market survey and current sales data. They are no longer required to tediously type out Proposals and mail them to the higher-ups for approval. The MRF application serves as a dynamic dash-board, where Client’s entire Marketing Group (comprising the Divisional Marketing teams and the Decision-Makers) easily and quickly communicates with each other. The MRF Increases efficiency in co-ordination between the entire Client Marketing Group. Processes of each functional marketing personnel are clearly defined. The roles for each User are clearly defined. They just need to pick out and choose from a list of parameters.

Our Features had a High-End Security for highly sensitive marketing dataflow.

Scalable and Simplified operations for confidential, voluminous and data flow.

Nil Operational and Process Redundancy, elimination of possible repetitive reminders.

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