Robust Ecommerce and Product Management Solution

Rubie's Costume Company is the world's largest wholesale designer, manufacturer and distributor of Halloween costumes and accessories.


The Overview

Rubie's Costume Company is the world's largest wholesale designer, manufacturer and distributor of Halloween costumes and accessories. Rubie's products are found wherever Halloween and masquerade costumes are sold, including national retail chains, toy stores, costume shops, online stores, variety stores and other specialty retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, Australia and Asia.


The Discovery

Majority of Rubies' customers are wholesale retailers and distributers in 5 different continents. The client offers different set of products to their diverse customer base depending on the local customer buying trends and their pricing chart and currencies varied between continents. Their customers (wholesale dealers) had to go through a painful process of ordering their print catalogues for every season/year and place their orders via fax or email (that lacked visibility on whether the product was available in the quantities they need) which would be manually approved by Rubies through a laborious process of checking availability against their inventory system and then fulfilling the orders from their warehouse.


The Deliverables

Netrocon created a robust ecommerce systems with the capability to allow different client user groups to login and see content that are specific to them. The system provided the functionalities of product listings based on various product categories relevant to the logged in user showing the correct pricing chart in their local currency. detailed description of the product specs including product shots, packaging details, related products and accessories was added to each product listing.Netrocon developed highly advanced and intuitive search capability enabling the user to look up products based on catalog release dates, product categories, popularity, price etc. A complete custom shopping cart and payment solution was integrated to the site. The system was integrated with their inventory system so that the user had complete visibility to the product availability in real time. The solution also provided a greater administration capability to Rubies employees where their designers could envision and create new products, get it approved quickly through the automated approval workflow process, they could edit/add new products to their inventory as available

Different versions of catalog and real-time price changes to their customers.

Order fulfillment was a breeze since the process was simplified.

Highly simplified and automated workflow that reduced the time to market.

SmarterAV builds highly customizable enteratinment systems for residential and commercial solutions

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The website is customized through the integrated eCommerce platform WooCommerce.

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