Exclusive Women's Ethnic Wear Store

Diva is one of the leading women's textile stores in Tamil Nadu with stores in Chennai, Coimbatore and Pondicherry. Their ethnic wears and party outfits for women are synonymous with beauty, elegance and panache.


The Discovery

Diva, a leading clothing brand in south India struggled to create a strong social media identity that would resonate with their new age customers. Their brand couldn’t explore the online mediums to its utmost potential and couldn’t reach the right audience.


The Deliverables

Redefined their brand by leveraging social media through relevant/optimised messaging. Photography services were provided to make sure every image reflected this redefined brand image. Created maximum awareness and reach for the brand in the digital space through several Google Display campaigns by right website placements. Improved customer engagements were eventually turned into walk-ins, through online contests, for e.g. Mothers day contest, Ramzan pop up, discount campaigns. To increase brand visibility and to bring in ideal audience with high intent, influencer campaigns were used by reaching out to the appropriate influencer whose content reflects on the brand.


Social Media Reach


increased Page Views


Social Media Engagement


Active Conversion

Thus by implementing successful strategies Netrocon, assisted Diva in achieving maximum brand awareness. As a result potential customers were tapped in through social media and that resulted in an increase in number of enquiries online.

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