Floating Tortoise

Customized Video Experiences

Build and Customize your own ambient videos. Choose from over 2TB of ambient music and videos files. Build your playlists and the team at floating tortoise will send your customized videos straight to your inbox.


The Overview

Floating Tortoise is a service based video solution. The service would allow users to create a playlist from hundreds of hours of ambient nature videos and a huge library of custom composed music. Users could then work with the team at Floating Tortoise to build their video experience using their personal playlists.


The Discovery

The floating tortoise interface would be unique in that we wanted to encourage users to explore the libraries of music and videos and then feel inspired to build their own custom playlists. However, there wouldn't be a traditional shopping expererience for ordering their custom video creations. The client instead wanted users to reach out via email to have thier final videos created. The goal was to implement a sales team that would walk the uses through the creation process. This was designed to keep cost down as automation of the video creation process would be outside the budget for phase 1 of this project. The branding had already been established prior to Netrocon's involvement, so it was our job to enforce the brand guidelines in the design of the application. The content for site would be managed through a CMS that the Floating Tortoise engineers would build based on our prototypes.


Primary Personas


Secondary Personas


Primary User Flows


The Deliverables

We started our discovery with looking at products that were in a similar market. Particularly, apps that focused on buidling audio or video playlists for later consumption. We then leveraged our current understanding of existing shopping patterns to create a user experience that encouraged exploration. We designed and prototyped smooth transitions and micro-interactions all throughout the interface. We made sure that the information architecture was clear and video and audio expereiences utilized the screen real-estate.


Web Wireframes


Invision Prototypes


Living Prototype


CSS/SVG Animations


Custom Icons


Design Sprints

In the end, we delivered a smooth responsive web application that drove engagement and was easy and intuitive for the users to navigate.


Scope of Work

Project Management

  • Roadmaps
  • Task Definition & Tracking
  • Deliverables Tracking


  • Persona Definitions
  • Design Sprints
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • User Flow Diagrams
  • Web & Mobile UI Design Assets
  • User Testing


  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Web Services

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