Fashion Brand

Payment Net System

The client is a Global designer and leader in premium lifestyle products, including apparel, accessories and home furnishings for five decades. Their global reach, breadth of product offerings, and multichannel distribution are unique among luxury and apparel companies.


The Overview

The client offers procurement and travel cards to its employees through JPMC for business use. The monthly statements are downloaded from JPMC's Payment net system by every card holder and the transactions are manually reviewed, disputes are raised if required, validates charges and approves them. The JPMC Payment Net system generates a reconciliation file and sends it to the client, who reformat the file manually to comply with the client's business rules into journal entry format to be uploaded to their SAP system of records. SAP check run requests Pay source system to remit payment to JPM central bill.


The Discovery

There were no existing integration between the JPMC Payment Net , Pay Source and the clients SAP systems. Most of the reconciliation, review, dispute, validation and reformatting steps were manual and cumbersome. There were also many chances of error, file formatting and data validation issues during payment net file import and export processes into SAP as a result of business contraints. There was absolutely no performance and error reporting available for management to review.


The Deliverables

Netrocon worked with business stakeholders to map the business as is and to be scenarios, identified the GAPs and provided a custom integration platform to address all their current pain points. Netrocon worked with the Payment net and pay source APIs provided by JPMC and helped integrate both systems to the client's SAP system. Processes and work flows were designed and built that automates the end to end data flow between the JPMC systems and the client systems with no manual intervention. Operational reports were created and automated that will update the production team of any data and process anomalies that needs attention which greatly improved the operational performance and reduced resolution time. Management reports were created based on business needs that gave the client visibility into areas they never had access at the click of a button.

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